About Nadra Star Edgerley Mentoring

It’s a fair question. Who am I, Nadra Star Edgerley, to coach you?

I can tell you about my advanced training in fine art, the countless hours I worked on photo shoots and the ups and downs, financially and emotionally, of running my own creative business. And, I will. I’ll tell you my should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve of’s on this blog, all in good time.

But, that’s not what makes me a a great coach.  My answer to that question is simple.

The best coaches coach the whole person, not just the creative person. Your creative art, be it photography, floral design, culinary art, painting, or other, is just one part of you. Your business reflects your whole person. If you are doing well, it will likely be doing well and vice versa.

The challenge is to be happy making art while building or maintaining a business. Like, Rob Base said, “It takes two to make a thing go right.”

It’s not easy making art while making money.  You can get stuck on one or the other at times, often in an array of internal conflict, leaving you exhausted and unfulfilled at the end of the day.

If you haven’t made your great start due to fear or you have hit a wall due to a slump, you’re not alone.

I coach the whole person. I actually care about you, your art and the core of your business. I believe whole-heartedly that you deserve what I have now. You deserve a passionate career in a creative field that also gives your life meaning and value with an income that supports your life, loves and family.

Let’s talk about how to you get from where you are now to where you are going. What’s working? What’s not? And maybe, why not? What’s holding you back? Let’s keep you accountable. Let’s keep you successful. Let’s put the fuel back in your tank.

Sound good?

For 17 years, I have made a passionate life in photography. It is my art and it is my income. I’ve worked with hundreds of creative professionals, just like you, and helped dozens with their marketing, management, and general business know-how.  Believe me, the smallest adjustment or shift in thinking can make a dramatic difference.

I can help you get started or unstuck. I can save you money, time and stress. I can get you there. I can coach you. If you are ready, contact me today. Your consultation is free and I’m ready to talk about building your creative business.


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