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Nadra is an engaging personality ideal for visionaries, entrepreneurs, photographers, small business owners, and creative organizations.
Nadra believes you deserve to lead your life to its fullest potential. Let Nadra bring her fresh approach to achieving work-life wellness to your company or conference. After years of working with creative professionals and entrepreneurs who aim to perform at the highest levels, Nadra created a framework to achieve ultimate success and fulfillment. She will show you how to drive the change you need in your life and empower you to choose the success you want, defined by your terms.

Entrepreneurs get caught in a tug of war between working nonstop and watching time slip by. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, including her husband, uncle, and father, Nadra understands firsthand how to navigate your business and lifestyle for success. Nadra’s supportive and empowering strategies for enriching your life in every way is waiting for you. Nadra has inspired many people to make changes personally and professionally. Bring Nadra to your organization, and see for yourself!

Featured Keynotes

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But why?

Turn Madness Into Straight Up Magic

Success Is A Choice


Course Themes

* Design a life that will help you reach your potential
* Identify the blurred boundaries that are getting in your way
* Get “unstuck”
* Work smarter
* Harness the power of your entrepreneurial mind
* Break through the invisible wall that is holding you back

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